Monday, January 23, 2012

Let it out!!!

The common denominator amongst us is stress.

I recently came across a blog of someone i know, someone i used to meet in UM and i use to admire the chirpiness. I started reading back posts and realised that this chirpy person has been on anti depressants for the past 6 years due to a bad break up.

Gosh that hit me. We cannot take stress/emotions take the best of us and just surrender.

So from this day onwards, i must promise myself to find an outlet to release my stress. At the moment swimming+cycling plays a large part in that outlet...retail therapy too... I shall try getting facials and see if those help. (*-*)

current addiction: cycling...
event: PPTD Night Cycle Hunt 2011...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The comeback after a year...haiyo~

oh my god, I can't believed its been a year since I've been abandoned this blog!

yeah,been preoccupied with works and daily stuffs but somehow, I miss blogging so much! want my me time backkkk!

I can't promise to update as frequent as last time, but what I can say now is, I will try to make up to at least an update a week and to catch up with u people as soon as possible :) I do believe that writing and sharing thoughts is somehow my passion. Hope that's a good thing to hear :)

so kids, enjoy ur leisure time while u can.